Triple berry smoothie

This recipe for a mixed berry smoothie is a refreshing and healthy combination of fruit and yogurt that’s super easy to make!


Place all ingredients into a blender starting with liquids to blitz it quicker. Blitz for around 90 seconds. You can use frozen or fresh fruits depend on fruit season. If you don't have fresh fruit you can use fruit of the forest mix. 


Ingredients :

- 1 small banana/ 80 grams 

- 30 g. strawberries 

- 30 g. blackberries

- 30 g. raspberries


Simple banana smoothie

Quick, simple and delicious. Healthy start into a day you can even prepare day before just add a little bit of lemon juice and smoothie won't get darker. But ideally prepare fresh on a morning. 


Ingredients :

 - 1 medium banana/ 100 g.

- 150 ml. almond milk 

- 2 ice cubes 

- 10 ml honey 

- 20 g. flaxseed



Razzle Dazzle Smoothie

Razzle Dazzle Smoothie

I would describe this smoothie like smell of the summer. I don't know but if I think what smell like summer straight away in my head there is smell of raspberries. Always going to remember when I use to pick raspberries and there was always more in my stomach then actually in a basket. One of the sweetest smoothie but still low calories. In portion of 330 ml. only 127 calories. Ideally for hot summer days. I prefer to use fresh fruit for this one but you can...

Raspberry-green tea smoothie

Raspberry-green tea smoothie

There was already recipe for coffee lovers now time for tea lovers. Have to try to believe is absolutely delightful. Personally I prefer my green tea a bit stronger for this recipe. If you use a loose leafs just add additional spoon or two, If you got a tea bags put another one in. Also if you have spare tea just freeze it so next time when you preparing this smoothie instead of using ice cubes with water you can use your previous prepare green tea cubes to...

Powerfruit delightful

One of our favorite at home. Not as sweet as usual smoothie, a bit sour. If you want quick start into a morning this smoothie will wake you up straight away. Fresh and light perfect for summer. If you like a bit lighter instead of almond milk you can use ice or water or even apple juice. You are your blender master don't be scare to try new ways, but if you discover new amazing flavor don't forget to share that with our. 


Ingredients :


 Ingredient  Weight  Kcal Carbohydrates   Fat  Proteins Fiber 
Banana 100 89 22 0 1 3
Almond milk 150 36 5